813’s “Crying Flute”

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DJ Detweiler is the best DJ name I’ve ever heard. Couple that with the fact that all his uploads are recorder-covered Smash Mouth-laden jabs and you’ve got a powerhouse of obscurity. That’s why you check music blogs, right? You want the obscure names and sounds to drop at shitty parties? Well SKWERV cause this ain’t about Detweiler, loser! “Crying Flute” is a post by 813 that has absolutely no application aside from leading some type of post-trap pow-wow nouveau. Use me as a cautionary tale. I’ve TWO flute-based trappists knocking around in my head, and there’s no more room for anything worthwhile. This is what it’s like on top of the mountain, and it’s a wicked burden. You can’t even play this near another human being, because if you’re unlucky enough to get asked who made it, you’ll spend two grips waxing on some Russian nobody whose name is a fucking number.

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