Dome Improvement 12

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1. If there’s a “free shipping” sale online, don’t go ham. Copping many jawns is a waste of a shipsale. Big cops already come with free postage anyway, so now’s your time to snag just one grailpiece.

Dome Improvement 11

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1. If you’re gonna turn up on a weekday, lay out a super nice outfit for the next day. Roll out of bed hung over and slip a fit on. Everybody will be too busy complimenting you to notice the Filsons under your eyes.

LAKE’s “No Wonder I”

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NEWSFLASH, BITCH. BUTTER is safe again! That emoji does NOT mean what you think it does! Your almilk’s got carrageenan? You’re as good as dead! ATTACK! DECAY! BITCRUSH! SQUAREWAVE! REGGAE-HORN!

Dome Improvement 10

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1. Once a month, use the word “cooter” around someone you love. Document their reactions and keep them in a safe journal for a few years. Write a dissertation on your findings. I pray that with time, cooter could become the c-word our society so desperately needs.

The Future Sucks

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Genesis: Free forbidden fruit. Its consumption dooms our planet for eternity. 2015: The second coming. We blew it again. It’s no wonder we’re stuck here with the Trumps and Kardashians of the world. We’ve had our shots at happiness, and we blew ’em like Ray J.

Fuccboi R.D. Now Live-Streaming on Twitch

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What’s up, all y’all swagless cretins? Did you take my cooking class? Did you give up halfway through? Did you even start it? Either way, I got a NEW SHIT ALERT for y’all Bobby Flay lookin’ asses! Your boy is trying out Twitch as a means to live-stream the cooking process.