Stwo’s “Syrup”

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Real talk, everyone’s whiter than they like to admit. I’ll plop a Jolly into my Delsym every now and then for effect, but it’d take a hell of a cold to get me to swap my kombucha for codeine.

Shaq’s First Cooking Class

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Today swagless cretins from around the world can sign up for my Udemy class and learn how to trick people into thinking they can cook. As a reward for visiting this trash pile of a blog, use the coupon code “get-large” for a big fat discount on the class.

813’s “Crying Flute”

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DJ Detweiler is the best DJ name I’ve ever heard. Couple that with the fact that all his uploads are recorder-covered Smash Mouth-laden jabs and you’ve got a powerhouse of obscurity.