Dome Improvement 12

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1. If there’s a “free shipping” sale online, don’t go ham. Copping many jawns is a waste of a shipsale. Big cops already come with free postage anyway, so now’s your time to snag just one grailpiece.

Dome Improvement 11

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1. If you’re gonna turn up on a weekday, lay out a super nice outfit for the next day. Roll out of bed hung over and slip a fit on. Everybody will be too busy complimenting you to notice the Filsons under your eyes.

Dome Improvement 10

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1. Once a month, use the word “cooter” around someone you love. Document their reactions and keep them in a safe journal for a few years. Write a dissertation on your findings. I pray that with time, cooter could become the c-word our society so desperately needs.