Fuccboiz vs. Fuckboys

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It’s high time the lexicon gets set straight.

Fuckboys: “Netflix and Chill?”
Fuccboiz: “Apps and Zerts?”

Fuckboys: “YOLO”
Fuccboiz: “Swag”

Fuckboys: White Iverson
Fuccboiz: Black Skinhead

Fuckboys: Perpetuate rape culture
Fuccboiz: Perpetuate Bape culture

Fuckboys: “U up?”
Fuccboiz: “W2C?”

Fuckboys: Take shirtless selfies in their bathroom
Fuccboiz: Take fitcheck selfies in a dressing room

Fuckboys: Blake Lively
Fuccboiz: Take Ivy

Fuckboys: Drake
Fuccboiz: Kanye

Fuckboys: Poppin’ Bottles
Fuccboiz: Poppin’ Tags

Fuckboys: Throw shade on Instagram
Fuccboiz: Start fights on Twitter

Fuccboiz: 💯

Fuckboys: Jordan
Fuccboiz: McNasty

Fuckboys: Cancel your date to see another girl
Fuccboiz: Cancel your date to wait in line for shoes

Fuckboys: Gucci Flip Flops
Fuccboiz: Y3 Slides

Fuckboys: Listen to rap that rhymes “party” with “Bacardi”
Fuccboiz: Listen to rap that rhymes “n*gga” with “n*gga”

Fuckboys: Supreme Crowbar
Fuccboiz: HBA Kilt

Fuckboys: “How much for these joggers?”
Fuccboiz: “How much for this drop-crotch sweatpant?”


I’ve come to the horrifying conclusion that I am both.

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