Stwo’s “Syrup”

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Real talk, everyone’s whiter than they like to admit. I’ll plop a Jolly into my Delsym every now and then for effect, but it’d take a hell of a cold to get me to swap my kombucha for codeine. That in mind, when you’re flexing your new under-bed sub to the redbone you met dripping in Lululemon, you can’t keep it in the redline at 130 BPM. Making successful moves lies within the unseen transitions. Syrup’s got the undertone of any Billboard jam, and just enough sampling to distract you both from the nickel of dirt (which was all you could afford after the subwoofer) and segue into effective play. Just wait patiently for the “who’s this?” and inmart knowledge: dude’s name is pronounced “Stew

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