Thick Vs. Thicc

ShaquilleThe Ivory Tower1 Comment

“Boy, he’s really making a stretch on this one”

Thick: wyd
Thicc: wya

Thick: “Are you gonna finish that?”
Thicc: “Are you gonna gram this?”

Thick: The type that wanna suck you dry then eat some lunch with you
Thicc: The type that wanna eat some lunch with you and bleed you dry

Thick: “Stop body shaming”
Thicc: “Stop slut shaming”

Thick: Down in the DMs
Thicc: Post a BM

Thick: Ain’t gotta pose
Thicc: Got a signature pose

Thick: No filter
Thicc: Dog filter

Thick: Apple bottom jeans
Thicc: Boots with the fur

Thick: Ass quake
Thicc: Pound cake

Thick: Initially intrigued by this post, but ultimately left in puzzled disappointment
Thicc: Already drafting her 12-tweet clapback thinkpiece

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  1. bootyluvr64

    hi, my friends and i have been wanting to know the differences between the various uses of the term “thicc” plz halp

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