Trippy Turtle’s “Señorita”

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At what point does a remix, remake, or tribute become straight theft? Ask the RIAA and they’ll say thinking about a song without throwing in your 99 cents constitutes a plank-walkable offense. Lucky for you, ya boi knows that good theft is all about the size of the pieces you steal. A 1:1 duplicate? Thats one giant piece. A whole damn pie. Mash the vocals of one track with the back of another, and you’ve got a 2-piece safe enough to peddle at Sears. Point is, if you take a glittering mosaic of #inspo to craft something else, you’re good. And don’t even try to pull that “100% original” shit. Every drop, pixel, and bed-squeak of anything even remotely artistic comes from pieces of something else. The trick is making the pieces so small even you can’t see ’em.

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