Fuccboi R.D. Now Live-Streaming on Twitch

ShaquilleNew Shit AlertLeave a Comment

What’s up, all y’all swagless cretins?

Did you take my cooking class? Did you give up halfway through? Did you even start it? Either way, I got a NEW SHIT ALERT for y’all Bobby Flay lookin’ asses! Your boy is trying out Twitch as a means to live-stream the cooking process. Udemy is fun to work with, but the course feels straight BODIED after it’s published. Snapchat’s cool too, but every Saturday my story gets way too long. Now, we can keep up with each other in real time, and learn forever! Peep the channel and SMASH that mf follow button. See you on Saturday! I think I’mma make SUSHI BURRITOS!

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