Why Aren’t You Applying to Neurosurgeon Jobs?

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Since high school I’ve owned a book called “The Mission” that the internet says never existed. It had little challenges to try every day, from “drink a glass of water while peeing” to “apply for a job as a neurosurgeon.” I’ve tried both, but the latter is more important and requires less paper towels.

Why not make a fake name, build a cheap website, and use it to ping startups to snag odd jobs? Nobody likes you as much as you like you, and so you’re the one who has to say “I’m good enough to go for this.” The lore is that one day you’ll pop off enough to get discovered organically. Why wait? Sure, maybe one day you’ll become cool enough that someone notices you’re poppin’ and offers you a sweet contract, but you’ll still work for a boss who bites a chunk of your winnings. Work for yourself by submitting to your own fantastic potential, and keep your chunks to yourself.

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